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It seems almost impossible for me to choose between them all. Its an Aladdin's Cave of synth treasure! I am Loving the Cathotron and Altaerion - very creative manipulations of some classic sample sources. The Cathotron strings have refreshed my interest in the mellotron (which now sounds a little hackneyed in its original format). Pulstar is a Colossus of a Pad Machine. You are a real 'texturist', rare that one comes across a 'texturist'. YouKnow6 is the best Juno replacement I have come across, my Juno 60 is now unplugged!

Liam Howe - Producer of Adele, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, Tom Vek, Jessie Ware, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Paul Buchanan of The Blue Nile.


i can be silent no more! The Hollow Sun folder on my sample drive is wearing out because i go to it more and more. The inventiveness of the Laboratory Machines are staggering and a true friend to creativity.

At Hollow Sun, you clearly understand that it is LIMITATIONS, not infinite versatility, that the artist sometimes needs to focus the muse. The Lab Machines are diabolical, clever, and strangely wonderful and unpredictable - they help me to "Re-experience innocence" at the keyboard, and have kick started dozens of fruitful ideas.

The detail and integrity of these instruments have cemented my relationship with Kontakt, and make me grateful to be a synth player in 2012.

Harvey Jones, NY composer, producer and player with Robert Fripp, Jerry Marotta, Sting, Tony Levin, Carla Bley and many others.

We used Hollow Sun's excellent Vintage String Synths, VP330 and Crumar Performer samples on our interactive music iOS app Dimensions. The samples are extremely high quality and feel just like using the real thing.

Robert Thomas, Composer / CCO at RjDj, makers of 4.2 million downloads 'Inception the App' & 'Dimensions'.


Just a note to tell you how great the music lab synths are... great and inspiring. Really, really great work. i look forward to making music with these.

By the way, triosc and oscillisine work very nicely with my wind controller.

Judd Miller. EVI player for composers such as Maurice Jarre, Stewart Copeland, Joel McNeely, Danny Elfman, James Newton Howard, John Williams and James Horner and programmer to Yellowjackets, Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Vince Mendoza and many, many more.

The Music Laboratory Machines make you feel like you snuck through a time
warp into some top secret 50's military installation and found a stash of
brilliant noise making machines constructed in an attempt to communicate with aliens, or to replicate their technology.

To say that these user interfaces are inspirational is an understatement, and ditto for what they generate of vintage oscillations. I also virtually got my old VP-330 back for next to nothing, as well as getting to "play the RMI" for the first
time, both authentic sounding and very playable. I'm looking forward to

Cato film composer / recording artist / remixer. Credits include "Stone"
starring Robert De Niro and "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" starring
Michael Douglas.

LOVE your CP70! Instant nostalgia and you nailed it. Thank you Steve!

Lyle Workman - composer for the films 'Superbad', '40 Year Old Virgin', 'Get Him To The Greek', session and touring guitarist with Beck, Sting, Todd Rundgren and others.

I really like the Radiophonica library, these are sounds that we're used to with Jean Michel Jarre but it's great for people who don't have access to those old goodies

Congratulations for the idea and the realisation of this original library, that I personally think can add an original touch in film soundrack. I'm impatient to come back to composing again when we're finished with touring to use these sounds in a 'real' composing situation on my next CD projects or soundtrack/video games composing.

Claude Samard Polikar - Musical director, musician and arranger for Jean Michel Jarre and and award winning film/video games composer

I'm not normally one for contacting companies if I'm happy with something, being of the Stiff Brit' Brigade that thinks "you pays yer money" etc. Anyway, for some time, I've coveted the real VP330, even more so when a couple of years back, I was fortunate enough to have a play on one.

However, my covetousness has now been totally quelled as I've just purchased the VP330 pack and I have found it necessary to say how utterly pleased I am with it. In terms of usage, it's simple, it's straightforward and above all, it sounds absolutely amazing so expect to hear it on my next album!!!

Neil Fellowes - Composer/performer Geigertek, Code Indigo, Callisto

They're really good.

Really well recorded..... Like them.

Using them on "Driver"..... we're working with James Lavelle on that so it's a goody!!

Rich Aitken - Producer

I'm a huge fan of the Hollow Sun libraries. Steve has a knack of sampling the instrument so that it sounds and feels as if you are playing the original. He also tends toward the eclectic and revels in the unusual, the Novachord for instance is like stepping into a Time Machine - some of the sounds are positively scary!

Fabulous products, very well thought out and instantly playable.

Chris Blackwell - Drummer, Composer

Just thought I'd drop you a line and say a big thank you. I mean a REALLY big thank you. I've spent the last month working all hours and going slightly insane doing a retro album for De Wolfe. I completed it today.

Your products gave me a new palette and a ton of inspiration which was greatly needed because I was struggling for a while. I used the Novachord and Vox alot - these products are amazing.

Again, many thanks.

Keep producing those great products!

Chris Salt - Soundtrack composer

What I like about your libraries is their subtlety - what I mean by this is that I get fed up of these libraries with megaton huge, over the top, bright & shimmery stuff - all very impressive from a superficial point of view but often not that playable.

I like the understated quality of these sounds - they play nice & can easily fit in a mix.

Ian Boddy - Composer, sound designer

Without these (Novachord) samples, AW's score would miss one very important layer, the touch of something that's been there for a long time, waiting for resurfacing. It's incredible what the patches can do, they fatten the sound up without taking space and cluttering the stereo image. I've recommended this library to practically everyone I've worked with.

Petri Alanko - Composer for Alan Wake

i'm JUST starting to write for the next 'postmarks' album, using your novachord, vox continental and crumar performer VERY heavily.

what amazes me about your sampling is how organic it is. It does not feel stiff and actually breathes. The Vox is amazing and the Crumar shimmers in a way that makes me have far less desire to crank up my real Solina.

your libraries are super super inspiring to me!!! ;)

again...thanks for all your continued sampling brilliance.

Christopher Moll - The Postmarks


"The Novachord character always shines through. From the moment you load the first of the 120 presets, it’s obvious that you’re playing a living, breathing instrument full of quirks and it’s these imperfections that bring everything to life. This library exudes warmth, a little grain and wheeziness, plus a dash of authentic hum, low-end rumble and background noise. The subtle tuning differences between notes as well as timbral and envelope variations constantly remind you that it’s 100 percent analogue ... you can almost smell the warm Bakelite and glowing tubes."

Read the full review HERE

"This pack samples a refurbished Novachord from around 1940. Famous for its creepy pads, the original was designed by organ supremo Laurens Hammond. It's basically a 72-note polyphonic subtractive synthesiser, but of course, it's rammed full of valves rather than transistors. Hollow Sun have produced over 130 patches that capture the essence of the orginal. Terrific stuff!"

"Hollow sun's Steve Howell and Dan Wilson have done a stellar job re-creating the sounds of this vintage synth behemoth. The rich analog weirdness of the Novachord is expertly captured, and adds a great new element to every keyboardist/composer's sonic arsenal.

All the uniqueness of each analog circuit is captured..."

Read the full review HERE


Since 1998, Hollow Sun has specialised in authentic recreations of vintage - and often rare - electrical and electronic musical instruments and other curios and obscura bringing these classic and innovative instruments (often wheezing and spluttering!) into the modern age. Hollow Sun is now drawing on several decades of experience to design and create our own unique synthesisers for Kontakt 4.


Here in Wales, it's St David's day today (March 1st) patron saint and all that and a time of Eisteddfods and Welsh cakes, Bara Brith, 'cawl', etc., so we've put together a little something for the day.

An old chum in the US sent me an MTI ensemble unit recently. It's an authentic clone of the ARP/Solina chorus/ensemble - three delay lines modulated separately to create a very rich and expansive sound.

We put The Lab's Dotcom through it and overdrove it a tiny bit to create some luscious sounds ... three slightly detuned or octave split VCOs on full tilt through the EMS VCS3 filter for some non-linearity then onto the fixed formant filter and then onto the MTI. Long samples in excess of a minute or more so that they can breathe and evolve and equally long (seamless) loops presented in an easy to use GUI. Then we shoved them through a bunch of effects.

Kontakt 4.2.4


Back in the 80s, a certain well-known Japanese manufacturer was experimenting with a new technology they had devised and which they called Structured Adaptive Synthesis... what we now call physical modelling, I suppose. Its job was to create realistic piano and keyboard sounds and in that they didn't do a bad job all things considered. It came with three acoustic pianos, harpsichord, clavinet, vibes and two electric pianos all selectable fom simple front panel buttons. Obviously, the pianos are not going to replace a Seinway, Blüthner or Fazioli but they're good sounds nonetheless - ideal for live work and they fit in a mix quite nicely. But we've taken liberties and added our own sounds as well which all come together nicely with the LAYER and SPLIT modes we've also added. We've also added effects that include tremolo/autopan, chorus, echo and convolution reverb plus there's 3-band EQ and also a stereo enhancer.

Kontakt 4.2.4


It's that time of year again ... or was.

Sorry - we (sadly) got caught up in it all due to domestic pressures and got bogged down in stuff, were dragged into it all whilst so busy on other things and family ties that we unfortnately missed a Christmas day release. I had to be away (and then became a little unwell ... no - not like that and excessive drunken partying - I wish - but some Winter lurgy). So call it a 'Boxing Day Special'! But no bother...

It's still a terrific piece of fun - a genuine valve/tube signal generator from the 50s sampled not only directly but also via an old cassette recorder and also an old and completely knackered reel-to-reel (those options selectable from the panel). Valves, tubes, tape saturation, wow and flutter and distortions. And that tuning scope is great fun to play with ... more Radiophonic than Radiophonic! Especially for a festive £3.

Kontakt 4.2.4


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr Who (to the date and the day), we have complied the latest bunch of MLMs (and MLM 'lites') into a package with a 20% discount on buying them separately.

Why Dr Who? Because all the MLMs were inspired by the odd gear the BBC's Radiophonic workshop used to provide the music for the original series ... custom made gear, modified test oscillators and so on, oddball equipment not only spec'd by the composers and engineers at the Maida Vale studios but also built by the BBC's technical department ... before the BBC in their infinite wisdom, closed the the RW and tech departments and 'outsourced' everything. But whatever...

The MLMs are very much in the spirit of the orignal RW and this latest package continues the tradition

Kontakt 4.2.4


By public demand... 

So many people bought SquarePad (see below), many asked for a sawtooth version. And here it is! 

Three detuned VCOs, one with a hint of LFO for some animation onto the VCS3 filter and then the fixed filter bank before passing to the Boss CE300 for added lusciousness.  Rich and big string pads, sweeps, smooth Gabriel-esque carpets and so on and all so easily tweakable from the front panel.

There are effects in there too - chorus > echo > convolution reverb with custom impulses and all for £2.50.

Kontakt 4.2.4


More messing about on the Dotcom analogue modular here at HS Towers came up with a very nice detuned square wave combination - you know ... that lovely, kind of 'hollow' sound. Three VCOs (one with a hint of LFO modulation to animate the sound a bit) through my favourite VCS3 clone filter and onto the Fixed Filter Bank. But then, out of curiosity, we chucked the whole thing through our old Boss CE300 rack mount chorus, possibly Roland/Boss's best ever.

With the three detuned VCOs and the stereo width provided by the chorus, the result is warm and rich and ideally suited for smooth, wide and luscious pads, the kind of sound that is there but not there, and fills out a track almost imperceptibly but also capable of dramatic tonal sweeps and textures

Kontakt 4.2.4


Another addition to the 'Alien Devices' range, Hexxon offers a unique user interface and unique sounds taken from HS Towers' Dotcom analogue modular and other sources (fed through rgw Dotcom's truly analogue filters and sound shapers including Dotcom's ladder (Moog) filter, their state variable (multimode) filter and Fixed Frequency multi-band filter and also Suit&Tie Guy's very characteristic 'Sea Devil' VCS3 clone filter.

With 64 long and evolving samples in Hexxon's oscillator and coupled with pre- and post-flter lo-fi and distortion processors, this is a texture machine par excellence which is capable of some unique sounds.

It comes with 64 presets but combined with a unique GUI, Hexxon provides a unique experience for sound creation and rolling your own noises.

Kontakt 4.2.4


August 1st is the birthday of my bestest of friends and what better way to commemorate this auspicious occasion with a little 'special'.

It actually came about because I found some old samples a friend in the US sent me ages ago - years ago, in fact - and I'd forgotten all about them. So I threw them into Kontakt and they sounded very nice. 30 presets later, I thought it might make a nice little number and I tied it up with my best friend's birthday - it beats buying a card! The samples are from an 80s Japanese analogue polysynth named after a gas giant planet.

I've used the Freepacks GUI which is simple but surprisingly versatile. But the best part is that JayPea costs a mere guinea.

Kontakt 4.2.4


The second in the MLM 'Lite' series, it's made up of layers and anlogue sawtooth, ramp and pwm wavforms from the Dotcom layered with a hint of half-speed 'Tron. Some these passed through the ladder (Moog) filters, others through the Suit&Tie Guy VCS3 filter and others through the fixed frequency filter bank.

These were mapped out in Kontakt and then re-sampled. The resampled version was then put into the MLM 'Lite' and pass through a lowpass filter with its own LFO for sweeps. There's a simple envelope and a decent chain of effects comprising chorus, echo and convolution reverb with custom impluses.

It's excellent for creating strings, smooth pads, spacey sweeps and drones

Kontakt 4.2.4


A slight departure from the Music Laboratory Machines series. this launches a new range of low cost and even more affordable products. Priced at just £2.50 each, these will be fun little things with interesting sounds that we'll be putting out from time to time. You see, we're always fiddling with stuff here and sometimes hit upon something interesting - it seems a shame to waste it

Cronk-O-Tron lives up to its name by being a lo-fi string/vox/broken string synth type of thing recorded to a broken old reel-to-reel tape deck and then re-sampled from there.

The result is lots of wow and flutter and cronkiness wrapped up in a steampunk GUI

Kontakt 4.2.4


I was very honoured recently to be interviewed by David Baer from Soundbytes, a new and infomative on-line magazine packed full of reviews and information ... hints and tips on technology and technique.

David's a very affable chap and a regular HS customer (paid for - not freebies or NFRs so he puts his money where his mouth is) and we had a good old chat which he has published in three editions covering a good part of my chequered career in this business we call 'music', from my early days as a chorister to working with the likes of Akai and Peter Gabriel up to the present.

Despite my tendency to waffle on sometimes, he didn't edit it down and David has published the interview in its entirety. I hope you find it interesting. Even if you don't, SoundBytes is well worth a look.



A thick and animated multi-oscillator sound taken from our Dotcom analogue modular.

Three voltage controlled oscillators on full tilt - one issuing forth a sawtooth, the other a ramp and the other a swirling PWM all set an octave apart with detune for a massive sound.

These then pass to a clipper for some nice non-linear disortion then to a fixed filter bank and then to a VCS3 filter for further non-linearaties. It's a rich and organic sound aided and abbetted by the fact that one of the oscillators is playing up a bit and so wobbles and wanders a bit ... in a good way!

And all for a princely £3

Kontakt 4.2.4


One of the main attractions of Kontakt is its scripting capabilities. The trouble is ... scripting is bloody complicated and not designed for us lesser mortals to grapple with!!

With The Shell, you can have your own professionally scripted and designed panel for your samples ... just make your samples, assign them as usual in Kontakt's MAPPING EDITOR and then tweak them with The Shell's panel.

With multimode filters, three envelopes and three LFOs and a comprehensive FX chain of distortion > chorus/phase/flange > echo > convolution reverb with custom spring, plate and hall impulses, The Shell is a great way to have your own scripted panel with serious synthesis functions for your own samples.

Kontakt 4.2.4


In 1971, Mattel (the company who gave us Barbie) brought out a funny little keyboard called the Optigan. It used optical discs to playback 'real' sounds, Mellotron style, and like the Mellotron, the sounds had a curious lo-fi and surreal quality to them. The optical disc technology was also temperamental and unreliable and Mattel discontinued it.

But one David Van Koevering, an ex-Moog employee, bought the technology with a view to make a professional instrument in the form of the Vako Orchestron. It wasn't a great success even though the sounds had a wonderful crusty charm to them.

Anyway, we have them here and they can be layered and mixed and generally played with to create some delightfully organic noises.

Kontakt 4.2.4


We've done a major upgrade to our popular Newtron Bomb Mellotron library and added layering, more functionality and multi-FX.

We've also included the rare 1/2 speed playback mod some Tronsters had done to their instruments which created an ominous sound, especially here when layered wioth other sounds running at normal speed.

There are also 'modifier' switches that enable subtle wow and flutter and random sample start and the convolution reverb offers custom spring, plate and hall impulses appropriate to the era.

Newtron Bomb III takes Tron sounds to a new level of sound creation.

Kontakt 4.2.4


In 1856, an electrical engineering genius was born in Croatia. His name was Nikola Tesla. He was way ahead of his time and brought so many innovations to the world. He moved to America and had run-ins with Edison amongst others who didn't see Tesla's many revolutionary visions and ideas. By all accounts, Tesla seems to have been an awkward and stubborn bugger but that is so often the case with true creative visonaries.

In 1891, he invented his Tesla Coils, capable of generating 1,000,000 volts of raw, sparking electricity accompanied by a raucous noise - you may well have seen videos on YouTube ... quite spectacular.

We've recreated that sound in this new Music Lab Machine.

Kontakt 4.2.4


Create the sounds of the universe with this new 'Alien Devices' machine.

For decades, NASA and other international space agencies have been recording sounds from the cosmos but it's all been a massive practical joke by a mischievous race of aliens who have a machine to broadcast this stuff across the vast wastes of the universe to confuse us earthlings.

Well, we've laid our hand on their machine and recreated it in Kontakt and with the simple click of your mouse and maybe a few teaks here and there, you too can create the rich and dense 'sounds of the universe'.

Kontakt 4.2.4


An homage to the famous 80s DCO polysynth ... but with some twists!

Oscillator detune, mixable waveforms, MIDI-syncable multiwave LFO, choice of 12/24dB filter, two envelope and a pedalboard full of effects.

We've also sampled two banks of waveforms - one bank with the legenedary bucket brigade chorus from the original and the other with just the raw waveforms to give you the best of both worlds.

You Kmow 6 offers some outsanding sounds from thick basses to rich pads and strings, synth brass, leadlines, SFX, etc., and can sound pretty mighty especially with the detune and other additions to the original recipe.

Kontakt 4.2.4


This new instrument is a pad monster and a chunky synth...

Layer two sounds from 64 extensively multi-sampled waveforms, apply the Z-Plane filtering of the TONE dials and the SIZE dials give quick and easy tweaking of envelope times.

But if that's not enough, there's the EDIT panel where you can adjust parameters in extensive detail. And you can round all that off with a comprehensive multi-FX chain.

Pulstar is the first in a series of 'Alien Devices' that will feature new and innovative GUIs to make sound creation quick, easy and intuitive.

Kontakt 4.2.4



We have something rather lovely here. A relic of a future 1950s when science fiction and science fact were somewhat blurred which we have requisitioned and re-purposed for our needs.

It ain't gonna give you funky basses, searing leadlines or any of the usual sonic fodder - instead, it will give you intriguing noises and textures which can be used to fill out any track in almost any genre with some oddness.

Two oscillators with true and crusty analogue ring modulator samples feed speaker simulations to create a range of retro noises that could come from some old 50s B-movie and more. It does some curious, evolving pads too.

Kontakt 4.2.4


Rummaging around in a musty old antique shop in the sleepy British rural hamlet of Chorton-cum-Limpley, our intrepid treasure hunters uncovered what they thought was some queer radio / TV hybrid. Slipping the doddery old proprietor a few quid, it was brought back to HS Towers for evaluation.

You can imagine our surprise when we cleaned it up and switched it on only to find that it generated antique string and other sounds which could have come straight from some old black and white 30s movie - crusty, lo-fi, scratchy and gloriously imperfect.

With two layers and a unique array of fixed filters and vinyl simulation, Cathotron is able to generate some trully unique pads and other sounds.

Kontakt 4.2.4


This new MLM brings wholesome white, pink and low frequency noise from an analogue modular synth. These massivlely long (and seamlessly looped) 44/24 samples pass to no less than eight different filter types which include low, band and high pass and a phase shifting filter.

Four LFOs for the filters and amp and panning allow you to create dense and eveloving soundscapes as well as various noise sweeps and four different distortion effects plus echo and convolution reverbs round off the package in a comprehensive, custom scripted GUI.

Furthermore, the 'Serendipity' button also allows new sounds to be randomly created as a starting point for your own sonic inventions. The ANG also comes with 40 presets.

Kontakt 4.2.4


Big and cinematic basses, sub-audio basses so low that they grumble and click, tight funky little numbers, oscillator sync and filter sweeps, thick and open multi-oscillators, deep bowel wobbling bass pedal replications, bombing raid drones, hard sounds, soft sounds, odd stuff, filters modulated with FM, sine and sub basses, slightly clipped and dirty basses and solid square wave basses - it's all there in Bass6, a veritable cornucopia of 'go to' true analogue bass sounds from a living, breathing analogue modular synth for almost any modern musical genre with a scripted panel that simply demands tweaking.


Kontakt 4.2.4


This new Music Laboratory Machine features seven oscillators per voice generating assymetric and rectified analogue sine and sawtooth waves. These pass to two resonators which can modulated by a simple LFO to create retro phase shifter sweeps.

These then pass to a comprehensive chain of multi-effects comprising distortion, cab simulation, chorus, glanging, rotary speaker, echo and convolution reverb featuring a wide range of impulses from springs and plates to rooms, halls and luscious ambiences.



Kontakt 4.2.4


DrumBox is an exciting new drum product from Hollow Sun.

Containing hundreds and hundreds of samples from many classic, rare, obscure and toy drum machines from the last couple of decades, its ten channel panel allows you to mix, match and combine them and balance, pan and tune them freely. Furthermore, the unique PRESENCE control on each channel allows you to add a hint of EQ, compression and saturation to add 'punch' with one simple slider while the MUTILATE control adds lo-fi goodness with sample rate and bit-rate reduction, again with a simple control.

Channels can also be muted, solo'd and assigned to mute groups and if MIDI note assignments of two or more channels match, the samples are automatically layered for the creation of BIG drum sounds.

Kontakt 4.2.4


As the popularity of the Music Lab Machines continues to grow, many people have requested the opportunity to buy the entire suite of instruments in a bundle. So that opportunity now exists.

The bundle includes Oscillosine, Organa, Broken, Interference Generator, TriOsc, Techtron, Shangri La, Novalite, Modular Toolkit and Cognosphere and, as a special bonus, the Dotcom Xmas Special is also thrown in for good measure. A total of eleven unique and intriguing Kontakt 4 instruments.

Not just that, but there's a modest discount making these instruments even more affordable.

Kontakt 4.2.3


With six vintage valve/tube oscillators and noise generator from the 40s and 50s, each of them individually editable with a multi-wave LFO, multi-mode filter and two envelopes, Cognosphere re-purposes more naval equipment for a unique GUI and sound generating machine.

But at the heart of this is that central cog - turn that rusty old thing and new sounds are generated at random that hark back to the early days of pioneering electronica and the valve sound generators add genuine authenticity.

These are enhanced by a comprehensive chain of multiFX that comprise distortion and cab simulation, chorus, phaser, flanger, rotary speaker, echo and convolved reverb with a wide range of impulses from vintage springs to plates, rooms, halls and huge, spacious ambiences.

Kontakt 4.2.3


Pride of place in the Music Laboratory here at HS Towers is the modular system. With three VCOs, a multi-mode filter, a transistor ladder filter, two VCAs, two envelopes, a noise nource, clipper, signal processor and rectifier, she makes a glorious noise and being true analogue, all sorts of non-linearities exist in the sounds that make them curiously organic with depth, richness and movement.

We have taken some choice sounds from her for the Modular Toolkit MLM. All manner of drones, sweeps, swoops, blips, bleeps, bloops, noiise 'uplifters' and swooshes, shrieking FM and squealing ring mod FX, etc.,have been laid out across the keyboard so you can have this 'toolkit' of sounds at your finger tips. Each sound is individually editable from tuning, level, pan, pitch mod, filter, shaping and bit crushing to individual sample start editing complete with a waveform display.

Kontakt 4.2.3


Vermona made transistor, divide down organs back in the 60s and early 70s in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik ... or communist East Germany.

They were surprisingly good too and sonically up there with the famous Vox Continental but being locked behind the iron curtain, we didn't get to hear of them here.

Hollow Sun's Vermona re-creates as closely as possible the original's panel layout with full control of drawbar settings, Brilliance control and vibrato. We've also added synth facilities to expand its sonic possibilities as well as added a comprehensive chain of multi-FX.

Kontakt 4.2.3


A compact edition of Hollow Sun's 5-star and 9/10 winning Novachord library, 'Novalite' brings a new twist to the concept in this new Music Laboratory Machine.

It features just a basic, raw sample set from Dan Wilson's Novachord (serial #346 from around 1939), sampled 'warts and all' but has two resonators, a 'Mellow' filter, an AHDSR envelope and special vibrato LFO to recreate the haunting, creepy sounds of the original.

The twist is that you can have up to four layers which can be individually mixed, panned, tuned, detuned, filtered and shaped before passing onto a comprehensive multi-FX comprising distortion, cab simulation, chorus, phase shifter, rotary speaker, echo and convolved reverb.

Kontakt 4.2.3


With Tibetan bowls as the basis for this new Music Laboratory Machine, 'Shangri-La' offers ethereal tones that fit perfectly with electronica as well as various 'chillout' and 'new age' genres.

With a new angle on the UI, each bowl can be individually edited and modified with tuning, panning, a multi-mode filter, a multi wave LFO, two envelope shapers, distortion, bit crusher and sample rate reducer with an extensive chain of multi-FX featuring chorus, phase shifter, flanger, echo and convolved reverb rounding off the extensive sound mangling possibilities.

Kontakt 4.2.3


With big, brash oscillators, multi-mode filters, two envelope generators, two LFOs, a pitch EG and poly and mono playback modes with glide, Techtron delivers BIG, modern sounds aided and abetted by a comprehensive chain of multi-FX that include EQ, distortion, cab simulation, chorus, phase shifting, rotary cabinet, echo and convolved reverb featuring a wide range of impulses that include everything from vintage springs to massive ambient washes.

It also has a versatile arpeggiator.

Capable of of instant 'techno' sounds it is equally adept at producing smooth pads. silky strings, big basses, spiky arpeggios plus a broad range of dark and broody textures.

Kontakt 4.2.3


Styled on equipment retrieved from an ancient, disused rocket launch control centre, TriOsc features three oscillators with samples of valve sine and triangle waveforms taken from a rack of vintage test equipment to create dense clusters of retro sci-fi electronica.

Unique to TriOsc, however, is the 'SERENDIPITY' button (labelled '?').

You see, TriOsc has a mind and being of its own. Clicking this button generates new patches and sounds randomly that instantly evoke the spirit and electronic tonalities of the early Radiophonic Workshop, 'Forbidden Planet' and other classic sci-fi movies, Morton Subotnick, Tristram Cary and other early electronic music pioneers working with primitive equipment

Kontakt 4.2.2


A key sound in English prog was that of the RMI Electrapiano with players such as Rick Wakeman, Tony Banks and Dave Greenslade having the instrument atop their Hammonds and Mellotrons and rubbing shoulders with MiniMoogs and ARP synths. Rocker Jon Lord had one built into his Hammond.

This stunning new addition to Hollow Sun's ever growing library of retro sounds offers arguably the most accurate recreation of the instrument right down to the authentically styled GUI with its rocker switches which function exactly like the original to select and combine different sounds.

Furthermore, a chain of multi-effects allows you to take this idiosyncratic instrument's sound to new levels.

Kontakt 4.2.2


The new additions come in the form of 'Broken' and the Interference Generator.

Broken brings the squealing sound of dying valve audio in pain to create anguished soundscapes styled in a GUI that looks decidedly home made ... and probably never worked anyway.

The Interference Generator allows you introduce the crud that we consider pretty much a thing of the past - various types (and vintages) of mains hum, vinyl scratches, crackles and rumbles, tape and component hiss, etc..

Kontakt 4.2.2


I've set up a new section here at The Emporium to handle a new range of titles I'm creating called 'Music Laboratory Machines'.

These are quirky, innovative and slightly bonkers retro-styled synthesisers for Kontakt 4 with striking and engaging user interfaces that invoke weird and wonderful equipment from a past future that never happened when the new new music made with electricity was created in musty laboratories rather than the recording studios we normally think of.

They are also very reasonably priced making them affordable to almost everyone.

The first two - 'Oscillosine' and 'Organa' - are available now for £5 and £4 respectively. More will follow on (hopefully) regular basis

Kontakt 4.2.2


HSDV - a unique new concept in electronic drum sample libraries....

Instead of static snapshot samples that are fixed and untweakable apart from, perhaps, tuning them, HSDV is a complete multi-channel, true drum synthesiser that gives you complete control over the sounds to shape and sculpt them as you want or need to create a massive diversity of vintage and modern and glitchy drum and percussion sounds and sound effects.

It is loosely modelled on the original Simmons SDSV where noise and tone (pitched oscillator) are balanced together and then shaped by a simple envelope but unlike the original, HSDV offers various noise types (white, pink and red), multi-mode (LP/BP/HP) resonant 2- and 4-pole filters for the noise, a choice of waveforms (sine, triangle 1, triangle 2 and square) for the tone oscillator. There are also a variety of different 'Click' sounds to mix into the attack of the sound for more 'punch'.

Kontakt 3.5


I am sensing a trend here! Another string synth!

But not a.n.other string synth ... the humble Crumar Performer, a much underrated little string synth capable of holding its own with 'the big boys' despite its (arguably) dubious origins.

If you already own Hollow Sun's string synth package and/or the VP330 library, this is a worthwhile addition for a modest price as it offers a new range of synthetic string textures to complement your already formidable sonic string synth arsenal.

If this is your first foray into the world of definitively sampled string synths from Hollow Sun, it's a good choice offering a solid and smooth string and pad sound which can fill out a track admirably with its rich and smooth textures as well as being strong enough to dominate a track with phased block chords.

Favoured by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran (you can hear it on the band's early output), St Etienne and others, this little known string synth is a real belter with a silky, Mantovani-like lusciousness in the hiigh end and a growly, almost menacing low end and the Kontakt version's custom scripted panel gives you the experience of owning 'the real thing'.

Kontakt 3.5


Something of a departure here. Or is it?!

Another 'divide down' instrument but this time, the classic, the legendary Vox Continental.

Some people consider its sound 'cheesy' and indeed, side by side with a steaming Hammond on full tilt, it could sound a bit thin and weedy but that didn't stop 'The Connie' being a firm favourite in surf and beatnik music and in the music of The Doors, The Beatles, The Monkees, The Animals, The Dave Clark Five and countless others.

Unlike other Vox Conti libraries which only offer presets of different drawbar combinations, Hollow Sun's Vox Conti gives you full control over drawbar settings plus amp and cab simulations, rotary speaker and effects allowing you to coax no end of classic tranny organ sounds to fit any occcasion.

Kontakt 3.5


Hot off the presses here at Hollow Sun Towers is a stunning new library featuring the legendary Roland VP330 'Vocoder+'.

Well known for its vocoder, this keyboard also offered a swirling string synth and unique 'Human Voice' settings which could produce some wonderful, ethereal chorale sounds - and when the strings and choral sounds are combined, you can create a massive wash of sound which is on offer here.

This comes courtesy of a collaboration with one Matthias Shuster in Germany who still has his beloved VP330 in his studio.

Well... when I say 'studio', I mean a treasure trove brimming with analog goodies such as ARP2600, Polyvoks and other enviable and rare analogue beauties. This has to be THE definitive version of the instrument...

Long, 24-bit multi-samples recorded in stereo with the VP330's lush 'ensemble' effect that gives a wide stereo panorama. Each vocal register (male and female) has been sampled separately. Furthermore, the raw choral sounds have been sampled without the ensemble adding extra flexibility beyond most VP330 libraries and all these - together with the strings - can be mixed and layered using custom scripting in the Kontakt version much like having the real thing in front of you.

Kontakt 3.5


"Shockingly beautiful"

"BRAVO! what a stunningly beautiful sample set!!!"

"The samples are very organic sounding, I can't seem to play anything that doesn't sound spooky!"

"They are superb!!! Excellent job! Worth every cent!!!"

"as i'm sure you've been told ... the novachord library is freaking fantastic."

Just some of the things people are saying about Hollow Sun's amazing Novachord library.

Kontakt 3.5

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