* 48 kHz/24bit samples, 1.6 GB
* Long samples in excess of a minute or more
* 2 LFOs and 2 envelopes
* 12/24db LP/BP/HP filters
* Comprehensive modulation possibilities
* EQ, phaser, chorus, rotary, echo, reverb multi-FX
* Custom convolution reverb impulses

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Some weeks ago, I was given a rare MTI ensemble unit by a good old US friend of mine, Dan McCullough...

It's a crusty old bugger and a clone of the Solina/ARP string synth ensemble/chorus effect. It's different to normal chorus units which are typically a single delay line modulated by an LFO which can be a bit 'cyclic'. The MTI, on the other hand, has three 'bucket brigade' (i.e. very analogue) delay lines modulated by an analogue LFO at different phases resulting in a gorgeous and mushy smear of richness and a degree of 'lofi-ness'. Furthermore, it responds nicely to some slight overdrive - not harsh digital clipping or extreme distortion, just a nice 'edge' ... which has been exploited.

The first thing I did, out of curiosity, was to feed The Lab's Dotcom modular through it - three VCOs on full tilt through the 'Sea Devil' EMS VCS3 filter for some nice non-linearities and then through the Dotcom Fixed Filter Bank and then into the MTI and came up with this...

I've sampled from C-1 (almost subsonic) to C7 with long samples lasting in excess of a minute or more to allow the samples (and loops) to really breathe and evolve. There are eight waveforms to play with, selected by the WAVE control ... unison but detuned sawtooth and ramps, PWMs, squares, triangle and sine combinations plus octave combinations too. On their own, they sound mighty; through the MTI, they sound gorgeous. If you are at all familiar with sketching with soft pencils or pastels - it's much the same as smudging the clean lines to blend them.

And then we shoved them through a chain of multi-FX...

Two-band EQ > Phaser > Chorus > Rotary cabinet > Delay > Convolution reverb featuring 24 custom impulses from grungy springs, plates, rooms, halls, churches to wide and expansive ambiences. And we've laid them out like a pedalboard of stomp boxes to make things simple.

All together, 'Ensemble' is a strong tool for sound design and music making in any number of genres. Despite what the audio demo might imply, this is not another 'pad machine' (although it's very good at that) but capable of a wide range of sounds and textures including big basses, sub-basses, polysynths, leadlines and so on.

'Ensemble' comes with a variety of presets to get you started - basses, pads and a variety of other stuff.

Samples : Hollow Sun
Scriptmeister : Mario Krušelj
Programming : Mario Krušelj / Hollow Sun
GUI design : Hollow Sun
Graphics : Hollow Sun
Audio Demo : Hollow Sun



NOTE : It will work with the Kontakt Player but only in 'demo' mode and the session will be time limited.

The full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher is required and recommended

Womderful stuff as always!


Wow - that MTI sounds fantastic. Such big sounds.


That's a good friend you have there to just GIVE you such a great sounding fx. It sounds amazing.


Another no brainer from hollowsun. Great sounds and great GUI.


I really like this. hugeI am so jealous of your sounds, really easy to use and understand. I wish you'd make your products as hardware haha


I am so jealous of that modular you got but this a way to get those sounds.

Another fine piece of work. Well done


Can you stop making such excellent products because I have to buy them all lol


I've never haerd of the MTI but it sounds lush and the samples sound so alive.


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