* 44.1 kHz/24-bit samples
* Classic, rare, obscure and toy drum machines
* 10 Channels
* Mix, match and layer drum sounds
* 'Presence' control for adding punch
* 'Mutilate' control for lo-fi
* Amp and cab sim, EQ and echo
* Convolution reverb

PRICE - £15 + VAT
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DrumBox brings together a few decades of classic, rare and obscure drum machines in a multi-channel interface where you can mix and match, layer, balance, pan and tune different samples from a total of 55 different machines and even some 'toy' devices...

Unique to DrumBox are the PRESENCE and MUTILATE controls on each channel.

With one simple control, PRESENCE adds a progressive hint of EQ, compression and saturation to add 'punch' to the sound while similarly, MUTILATE reduces sample rate and bit depth for lo-fi goodness (or awfulness depending on your point of view!).

Channels can be muted and solo'd and also assigned to up to four 'mute groups' for exclusive triggering (hi-hats, open/closed triangle, etc.).

Any channel can be assigned to any MIDI note and when two or more MIDI notes are the same, the samples are automatically layered to create BIG, powerful drum sounds.

Furthermore, each channel can be assigned to an individual output for external processing if you so choose.

There is also a comprehensive multi-effects chain comprising amp and cab simulation, EQ, echo and convolved reverb featuring a wide range of custom impulses from springs to rooms and halls and massive ambiences...

DrumBox will become your 'go to' Kontakt module for creating modern drum and percussion sounds and although some of the samples from the included machines are generally readily available elsewhere, DrumBox provides a new and unique interface for bringing them together and sculpting your own punchy and powerful drum and percussion sounds.

All samples contained in DrumBox are used by agreement, with permission and/or an understanding with the copyright holder(s) and/or precedential usage exceptions whilst others (being derived of analogue sources) are not subject to copyright.

Electroretrobreak and Harold F The Unforgiven
Drummer Something Completely Different

Kontakt 4.2.4 full version
Windows® XP (SP2, 32bit) / Vista® (32/64 Bit), Windows 7® (32/64 Bit), Pentium® or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM
Mac OS® X 10.5 or higher, Intel® Core™ Duo 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM
NOTE : It will work with the Kontakt Player but only in 'demo' mode and the session will be time limited.

Great product. Very different from your usual things but lovely looking. Sounds great too.


Holy shit man - you went to town on this drumbox!!


retro 80s drum bliss. Love it. Very modern


Wow! I love this thing. Well done everyone. it amazes me what you people do with Kontakt.


Thanks for yet another great product. I was especially happy to see my late, lamented Sakata DPM-48 in the list of instruments!


Amazing. Whare did you get the idea for that panel? It's a brilliant idea.


Sounds awesome Love the Presence control. genius.


I like the interface a lot! It is very easy to make a good sounding drumtrack in a short time this way. The presence parameter works very well, and I like (of course) the distortion effect


Missed this first time round. Loving it. The new price is great and I urge every one to grab it while they can. Great stuff from HS as always. Thanks.


Bought drumbox today excellent selection of vintage drum machines indeed.

Kontakt 1968 - KVR

Great interface, great sounds, great new price.


I just bought this product and it is even better than I thought it was gonna be. The demos on the Hollow Sun web site did almost nothing to properly promote this product, but the product itself is very well put together. It is so easy manipulate each drum hit and to give it the Lofi flavour that we've come to expect from vintage drum machine sounds, as well as to add presence, other effects, and to change individual kit pieces to any kit piece from any other drumbox.

I'm very happy with this purchase.

Zedd - KVR

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