* 48 kHz/24-bit samples
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
* Three oscillators with sine/triangle waveforms
* Samples sourced from vintage valve test oscillators
* Multiwave LFO
* FM/AM modulation
* 'Serendipity' button for random patch creation
* Polyphonic and monophonic play modes with glide
* Distortion, chorus, phaser, rotary and echo multi-FX
* Convolution reverb featuring vintage spring reverbs

PRICE - £5 + VAT
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Styled on equipment retrieved from an ancient, disused rocket launch control centre, TriOsc features three oscillators with samples of valve sine and triangle waveforms taken from a rack of vintage test equipment to create dense clusters of retro sci-fi electronica.

Unique to TriOsc, however, is the 'SERENDIPITY' button (labelled '?'). You see, TriOsc has a mind and being of its own. Clicking this button generates new patches and sounds randomly that instantly evoke the spirit and electronic tonalities of the early Radiophonic Workshop, 'Forbidden Planet' and other classic sci-fi movies, Morton Subotnick, Tristram Cary and other early electronic music pioneers working with primitive equipment - an astonishing source of inspiration which can lead you down different roads of musical ideas and exploration. The randomly generated sounds can then be tweaked and shaped to your own particular needs using the comprehensive panel. They can even be saved as normal NKIs for future use.

But while this random sound generation is arguably TriOsc's raison d'etre, it is also capable of subtle pads, leadlines and sub-basses for more modern musical genres. Its greatest strength, however, is the random creation of abstract electronic sounds which could have come from crusty analogue sound generators of yesteryear.

The multi-wave LFO allows the mixing of simultaneous waveforms for complex control shapes which can be used for frequency modulation (FM) and amplitide modulation (AM) with the envelope generator allowing pitch sweeps. The POLY / MONO switch enables different playback modes according to your requirements. All this is then fed to a chain of multi-FX that includes distortion, cab simulation, chorus, phase shifting, rotary cab, echo and convolved reverb featuring Hollow Sun's acclaimed custom impulses which include spring reverbs, rooms, halls, churches and massive 'space' ambiences and washes.

Samples : Atomic Shadow
Sample Editing : Hollow Sun
Scriptmeister : Mario Krušelj
Programming : Hollow Sun and Mario Krušelj
GUI design : Hollow Sun
Graphics : Hollow Sun
Audio Demos : Hollow Sun, Atomic Shadow, shadoe42, Something Completely Different


Kontakt 4.2.2 full version
Windows® XP (SP2, 32bit) / Vista® (32/64 Bit), Windows 7® (32/64 Bit), Pentium® or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM
Mac OS® X 10.5 or higher, Intel® Core™ Duo 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM
NOTE : It will work with the Kontakt Player but only in 'demo' mode and the session will be time limited.

Doods, TriOsc is another home run! Brilliant.

Bob Lukomski - Facebook

Got it, wonderful!

Pers Platou - Facebook

Fantastic, looks like Metropolis!!

Matthius Shuster - email

I just bought the TriOsc and it sounds great.

Jon Huck - email

Oh man! I could make an entire scifi chill out album with this thing.

Bryan - email

I grew up with the Radiophonic workshop and Dr Who. Funny you should mention Tristan Cary because I've got the original series on DVD with William Hartnell and he did a lot of the sounds for that.This sounds so similar. Some of the sounds are like they are sampled from the DVD. Thanks for a great job

Ed - email

I will not be distracted today by the insane toys. What wonderful delights reside on the Hollow Sun website - TriOsc? Electronic insanity. I love it.

Neil Fellowes - Geigertek

Just loaded it in K4 !!! Very inspiring instrument !! Yet another no-brainer from HS ! thank you !

States - KVR

A very nice instrument indeed, it lends itself to dark, moody, and haunting sounds (at least so far for me). A wonderful addition to your, and my, library.

Borealis - KVR

I've already get it at this mornig and playing now. I like the "?" button very much!! Thank you for your nice instrument.

Junji Yamakawa

I'd nearly buy these Machines for the GUI alone, LOL.
They're incredible.
And these Machines are really just fun to play.
Great work !

losan - KVR

Amazingly imaginative... Great work!

Titus Raindrops - KVR

Easy to just spend time hitting the serendipity button to see what comes out. I got this earlier tonight and have about a dozen presets saved just from hitting the button.


Like I said in the other thread, it's just another no-brainer

It's fun! It's 8 bucks! It has a serendipity button!

Hibidy - KVR

Its great,it looks quite haunting IMO like something pulled from Chernobyl or something, it's kind of spooky looking which I like.
Sounds great and the serendipity button is exciting.
Another good one.

Synthmagic - KVR

all of the above



CapnLockheed - KVR

another great machine. i'm loving these things - so inspirational

macmurphy - KVR

Got it...Tres Fabulous as per usual. Love it.

Yorolpal - Cakewalk forum

When it comes to graphics design and KSP scripting they probably outdid themselves with this one.

Random Chance - Synthtopia

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