Akai Professional entered the electronic musical instrument world in 1984 with one purpose - to give artists the tools they need to express and explore new musical ideas.

However, it was Akai's sampling technology that was instrumental in securing the company's future and the S900 sampler was a massive success the world over when it was released providing exactly the facilities people wanted at a price they could afford. To say that the S900 changed the way musicians work today would be an understatement and the name Akai became as closely associated with sampling as the brand name Hoover™ is to vacuum cleaning!

In 1988, Akai Digital was established when the DR1200 'A-DAM' digital multi-track recorder was introduced. This was followed by the innovative DD1000, the world's first MO-disk recorder and subsequently by the DD1500 multi-track DAW (digital audio workstation) designed specifically for film and video post-production. Off the back of this technology came products such as the DR8, DR16 and other stand-alone multi-track disk recorders.

Akai Professional introduced many unique and innovative breakthrough products in the areas of sampling, synthesis and digital recording, many of which (such as the legendary S-Series samplers and the MPC series) have become industry standards in everything from professional to bedroom studios and in touring rigs across the world. Akai Professional also continues to fly the flag for truly expressive electronic music with on-going development of the EWI (electronic wind instrument).

Also, Akai Digital's post production equipment is in use daily on many of the movies you queue up to see or the videos and DVDs you buy or hire to watch at home (and it's a fair bet that our musical instruments were involved somewhere in the soundtrack too!).

In 1999, Akai Professional Musical Instruments Corporation (APMI) was formed. Since that time, the company has continued to innovate with products such as:

The Z4 and Z8 - the world's first 24-bit/96kHz hardware samplers

The DPS24 - the world's first (and only) 24-track, 24-bit digital personal studio without data compression

The MPD16 - the world's first USB pad controller

The MPC1000 - a low-cost sampling drum machine that brings the MPC concept to a wider market.

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