HOLLOW SUN offers a whole bunch of freebies for you to download and enjoy without restriction.

There are many varied and assorted sounds on offer - some are unique to the FreePacks area while some are tasters of products on sale. These are not 'lite' versions or compromised in any way. I hope you enjoy them.

Legal notice: Just because sounds are offered for free here does not mean that they can be re-distributed in any way, in part or in whole as is in Kontakt format or in any other format without prior permission from Hollow Sun. Doing so is a contravention of copyright and IP (intellectual property)

The sounds' availability here does NOT make them 'public domain'.

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St. David's Harp Previously released as a special for 2013 St. David's Day.
A very nice Celtic harp!
K4.2.4 - 7.7 MB Download

Big Synth Previously released as a special for 2013 Spring Bank Holiday.
A huge Dotcom modular sound!
K4.2.4 - 220 MB Download

JayPea Previously released as a special in August 2013.
A taste of the revered 80s Japanese polysynth that made a lot of hits!
K4.2.4 - 13.2 MB Download

Vox Humana THE sound from the legendary PolyMoog Keyboard 280e. K4.2.4 - 27 MB Download

PolyMoog Strings Lush, rich analogue strings sounds from this classic keyboard. K4.2.4 - 47 MB Download

Aaah A big chorale pad K4.2.4 - 7.8 MB Download

Aeropad A swirling, breathy vocal pad

K4.2.4 - 9 MB


Aquarium A strong, layered synth texture

K4.2.4 - 13.8 MB


Nebulous A delicate, evolving synth pad

K4.2.4 - 13 MB


SQ Strings A lush analogue string sound from my old Ensoniq SQ80

K4.2.4 - 7.7 MB


Buddhist Buddhist singing bowls, wind chimes, finger samples and Rkang Gling.

K4.2.4 - 8.7 MB


Bass Station Fabulous bass and leadline sounds from an original Bass Station

K4.2.4 - 70 MB


Dubreq Stylophone The (in)famous buzzy noisemaker that you either hate or love!
More info here!

K3.5 - 4.8 MB


NC346 A lush string sound from the legendary Hammond Novachord, #364

K3.5 - 76.8 MB


Speak & Spell The Texas Instruments 'Speak & Spell'

K3.5 - 9.7 MB



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