Not much is known about Jen other than they were an Italian organ manufacturer dating back to the early 70s.

It would appear that Jen were principally manufacturers of unremarkable electronic organs for the 'domestic' market. However, they also had a stab at electronic pianos and, I seem to recall (but cannot verify), a string synthesiser.

I am not entirely sure but I also believe that at one time they also made electronic organs under contract for Vox including the famous 'Jaguar' model.

Later in their history, Jen attempted to enter the synth market with the SX1000 and SX2000 monosynths and the Synx 508 polysynth. Sadly, none of these products made much of an impression in a market dominated by more established names in the field.

Rob Lawes has kindly contributed some terrific bass pedal sounds from his own Jen Allegro. Ths sound is pure and almost sinusoidal in nature but despite its 'home organ' background, the sound is surprisingly solid and will serve well as the basis for some serious low frequency re-inforcement in a track.

And from what I remember, the sound is almost exactly the same as the Dewtron bass pedals used by Mike Rutherford on the early Genesis albums.

I'm extremely grateful to Rob for donating this unlikely source of vintage samples as well as providing the photo of his own genuine article from which the samples were taken.