You want rare and obscure vintage keys? It doesn't get much better than this!!!

The Melodic is a Czechoslovakian keyboard instrument that was manufactured way back in 1967 and is an electro-mechanical instrument not unlike the Hohner Pianet or Clavinet in its basic principle but ultimately sounding more like an electric celeste with a pure, ringing tone similar to a glockenspiel..

Each key has a plastic claw that plucks on small strip of metal which produces an almost sinusoidal ringing sound. The instrument was made at the Czech factory Delicia but it is unknown how many pieces were made. Suffice to say, there can't be too many of these outside of which, at the time, was referred to as 'the Eastern Bloc'. This is one very rare instrument which is exclusively available to Hollow Sun.

As you can see from the photo (supplied by the donor) it has a three-octave range from F2-F5, I am unsure whether the original is velocity sensitive - given the mechanism, I doubt it. The instrument also featured a simple tremolo effect.

I have received this excellent donation from Czech Petr Axmann who was given this as a gift! As a fan of Hollow Sun, he thought I might be interested in this rarity - damned right I am!!!

It's a lovely sound - very pure and 'innocent' (sounding somewhere between a glockenspiel and a musical box) and its bell-like quality will stand out in a mix. However, given the vintage of the instrument and its tube circuitry, it is a bit noisy but various sample editing techniques have been applied to minimise this. You might like to apply some corrective EQ and/or filtering if you find the noise obtrusive.

I am extremely grateful to Petr for this very interesting donation. Petr has multi-sampled the sound extensively, (with full-length samples) over the original's three octave range and so must sound pretty authentic. Quirky but I hope it will find a place in your work.

Thanks again, Petr!