Following the success of the Linn Drum, other manufacturers were quick to jump on the bandwagon. One of the first was Oberheim with their DMX drum machine that offered similar facilities to the Linn Drum.

In fairness to Oberheim, however, they were offering something that was slightly different.

Although on the face of it, their DMX was nothing more that a Linn Drum clone, it did at least integrate with Oberheim's proprietary interfacing system (the Oberheim Parallel Buss) that pre-dated MIDI by some years and which allowed Oberheim equipment to be synchronised and integrated in a way no other manufacturer had yet managed to achieve. At the time, hearing an entire (and expensive!) Oberheim system in full force was quite an experience! Nowadays, of course, it's all very commonplace with just the cheapest of sound modules.

For whatever reason, Oberheim's Parallel Buss never took off (much like Roland's own DCB) and was to be superceded by the industry-standard MIDI but their drum machines were still popular at the time and remain popular today in certain circles.

Oberheim replaced the DMX with the DX which added new sounds and enhanced sequencing facilities.

Samples kindly donated by Petrit.