Best known for their classic effects pedals such as the Big Muff fuzz box, the Small Stone phaser, the Electric Mistress flanger and other exotically named products, in the mid-70s, Electro-Harmonix released a series of preset drum machines.

The curious thing was that E-H were very proudly American often quoting "Made in NY" on their products and yet the early models of these drum machines had "Made in England" stamped on them with an EH sticker on the panel.....

It seems that on the very early units, if you peeled off the EH sticker, you would reveal the name 'Soundtech', presumably a UK company - EH president Mike Matthews had obviously licenced the technology.

The unit was extremely simple - 12 preset rhyhms that were selected from a rotary switch. Tempo was adjusted with a rotary control as was overall output level. A footswitch input allowed you to stop and start the patterns. Given the company's background, they obviously saw these drum machines as rhythmic accompaniment for guitarists, pre-empting Roland's TR606 concept by several years.

Samples kindly donated by Peter Vermeeren from the the Netherlands.