UK manufacturer Novation have been at the forefront of 'modelled' analogue synthesis with their 'Nova' products. First we had the SuperNova (and variations) and then the SuperNova II series. More recently, we have seen the K-Station and its software equivalent, the V-Station.

At the heart of Novation's products is their 'Liquid Analog' technology that accurately re-creates the non-linear irregularities and artefacts that occur in genuine analogue circuitry and which contribute greatly to the appeal of the sound. More than anyone, perhaps, Novation have really succeeded in capturing the warmth and character of analogue synthesis with a friendly 'knobby' user interface.

The SuperNova series was a powerhouse source of analogue synth sounds: three oscillators into a multi-mode filter and output amplifier with multiple envelope generators, LFOs and more to control them plus multi-effects and a whole lot more besides.

I am once again extremely grateful to Marc van der Hurst of the BamBam Studio in Holland for donating these distinctive and highly 'modern' multi-sampled sounds from his SuperNova II Rack module and when you hear these sounds, you'll know why BamBam is Holland's premiere studio for dance orientated music.

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