Roland have been pioneering the use of modelling in their V-Drum series for many years.

Roland's proprietary Composite Object Sound Modelling (COSM) is at the heart of their V-Drums. With COSM, the V-drums allows you to model the drum type, the material, depth, tuning and a whole host of other parameters. As if these are not enough, factors like mic type, mic position and room ambience can also be defined allowing, in theory, almost any kind of drum sound to be created from natural, acoustic sounds to outrageous creations.

Like other drum synth kits, the nerve centre of these kits is a 'brain', a module that contains all the gubbins to generate and create the sounds. The 'brain' is then triggered by pads which can be configured according to the user's own requirements.

Several TD modules/V-Drum kits have been released over the years and we have 136 kick, tom and snare samples here from a TD-7 that have been generously donated to Hollow Sun by regular Ozzie contributor and drummer, Dean Morris and the range of drum sounds on offer is, frankly, overwhelming!.

No attempt has been made to create 'kits' as the possible permutations are simply too large to even consider. Instead, the samples are presented in three different programs and you can create your own kits simply by mixing and matching the samples according to your requirements.

The diversity and quality of the sounds Dean has created and compiled is simply staggering and there has to be something for everyone in there, whatever your chosen genre of music.

Once again, I am extremely grateful to Dean for this contribution - thanks!