The TR727 was an interesting product when it was released shortly after the TR707 in 1985.

The idea was blindingly simple.... take a TR707 and replace the drumkit sound set with Latin American percussion samples (congas, bongos, timbales, agogos as well as more esoteric instruments such as quijada and wind chimes). It was totally unique then and now.

Operation was exactly the same as the 707 and the 727 retained the excellent LCD programming matrix as well as individual outputs and an on-board mixer for balancing the sounds.

If the TR727 had one problem in the mid-'80s, it was its price.... only those who were fairly serious about their rhythms could justify spending $900 to spice up tracks with a bit of LA percussion and, unlike a 'proper' drum machine, it was the kind of thing that could only be used sparingly. That said, the unit was popular with songwriters and with studios and was successful, of course, with the dance fraternity.

It sounds great too! In isolation, perhaps you'll spot its vintage but used and mixed in tastefully with a track, it can add a lot of class and polish even today. Of course, any decent modern drum machine and sound module has LA percussion sounds in abundance but the 727 samples do have a certain quality and they sit well in a track.