Having never used or owned one, I know little about the Farfisa organ other than to say that they represented a new breed of budget organs - compact and portable and based on a simple 'transistor' technology in the '60s.

They were cheap and cheesy and sonically they were no match for the mighty Hammond tonewheel organs but they did have a character all their own that was an important part of the 'surf' and 'beatnik' music of the 60s.

In the dim and distant past when I used to have bands in to record at the studio, someone came in with a Farfisa organ (make and model unknown * ) and I grabbed a single sample off it on my S3000 - I have absolutely no recollection of the settings involved.... I just took what the band's organist was using at the time when he wasn't looking!!

If you are into the B-52s or the Monkees, this is the organ for you - ultimate 'tranny' organ cheeziness!!

(*) The photo shown above is in no way representative of the model that has been sampled - it is shown merely for illustrative purposes only.