Ok... the K-Station is not exactly a vintage synthesiser. However, it qualifies for inclusion as it can make some fabulous vintage sounds.

The specs for the K-Station can easily be found anywhere on the internet but briefly, it's a modelled analogue synth with three oscillators, a noise generator and ring modulater. It has a lowpass filter, two envelope generators and two LFOs.

It also has a full complement of effects that include delay, chorus, flanging, phasing, EQ, distortion, reverb and a vocoder. It also has an arppegiator.

At the heart of this superb modern take on a compact but flexible analogue synthesiser is Novation's 'Liquid Analogue' synthesis modelling and it does sound very good indeed. And so it should.... it was designed by the same guy that designed the UK classics, the Wasp and the Oscar!

Novation also have their software version of the K-Station called the V-Station. It is pretty much identical in every respect but works as a VST plug-in (Windows) or Audio Unit (OSX). You can find out more about the K-Station and V-Station at Novation's website: