First there were analogue synths. Then there was FM synthesis. Then there was Roland's D50.

Then there was the Korg M1!!

The M1 changed our perception of what a synthesiser should be. A synthesiser was no longer just a source of sounds that needed to be multi-tracked... suddenly, it was a multii-timbral workstation where complete compositions could be realised.

The 16-voice Korg M1 really caused a storm when it was released. Roland had pioneered the concept of using samples as the raw waveform with their D50 and Ensoniq had given us the first affordable multi-timbral synth with on-board sequencing with their ESQ1 but Korg took these concepts to the next level by combining sample-based multi-timbral playback and sequencing and adding (almost) studio quality effects.... for the first time, users could realise their musical ambitions on one relatively inexpensive keyboard. Suffice to say that it was hugely successful and I think it's fair to say that the M1 was the model for every modern keyboard/synth 'workstation'!