THE classic electric piano and used by just about any band that had a keyboard player!

Invented by the late Harold Rhodes, his idea was to create a portable piano for the American armed forces. In doing so, he inadvertently gave us one of the most endearing and famous contemporary keyboard sounds: the Rhodes. His company was bought by Leo Fender, hence the name.

Over the years, various independent companies (notably, DynoRhodes) offered custom modifications to enhance the tone of the Rhodes piano and these were popular with the likes of Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Jan Hammer and countless other famous Rhodes players.

Most modifications attempted to make the sound brighter and more 'tinkly' so that it would cut through a mix better. However, the advent of the Yamaha DX7 introduced us to another variation on the Rhodes' theme....

Extremely exaggerated high frequency overtones that were to become an '80s cliché. The practice continues to this day and most synths' versions of a 'Rhodes' sound nothing like the original.

The Rhodes in Nostalgia, however, is warm and 'plummy' and ideal when you need 'the real thing'.