Hollow Sun prepared the sounds for Akai's first (and only) preset drum machine, the XR10, in the late '80s.

The brief was to provide drum sounds that were unlike those found in competing products at the time so as well as 'stock' kit and percussion sounds, the XR10 was also stuffed with many sounds of its time such as Peter Gabriel-style gated power toms, big Robert Palmer kicks and snares, trashy Jam and Lewis sounds, Simmons kit and others.

The product wasn't an overwhelming success due to its somewhat quirky user interface. However, it was popular as a sound module when driven from an external sequencer.

Here's one user review of the unit:

"I've owned quite a few drum machines. In my opinion, the samples on this Akai unit have a different sound compared to Alesis, Boss, Roland, and Yamaha. Alesis/Boss/Roland all kind of sound the same and Yamaha sounds kind of flat in my opinion, but the Akai sounds different from all of them. It has a very "accoustic" sound and the samples sound like they were very carefully done"

Here's another:

"Who needs a Linn drum anyway? Very nice old fashioned sound, reminiscent of loads of new beat, synth pop, italo and other eighties records. I am usually not too keen on pcm based drum sounds but this one is something else... deep and full sound, cuts through any mix. Forget your sample CD's, this is as full on as full on gets."