Hollow Sun offers some of the finest samples of vintage keyboards, vintage synths and drum machines which is distributed by Zero-G in their Virtual Sound Module 'Nostalgia'.

Most of the sounds are extensively multi-sampled for absolute detail and accuracy of timbre. They have been carefully programmed in the Kompakt player by myself to preserve the character of these clasic and innovative instruments.

I hope you enjoy the sounds and can find a place for them in your work.
I would also like to express my respect and gratitude to those pioneering visionaries who gave us the technology that is the inspiration for this site.

You can find out the history of the instruments in the 'Nostalgia' collection using the thumbnails below.

Roland TR909 Roland TR707 Roland TR727
Yamaha CP70 MXR 185 Korg DDD-1 Akai XE8
DrumTraks Kawai R50 / R50e Sequential Tom Mattel Synsonic
Roland TB303 Vako Orchestron Chamberlin Casio VL-Tone
Korg MS20 PPG Wave 2.2 Simmons SDSV PolyMoog
ARP Odyssey Modulus Monowave MiniMoog Linn LM-1
50s SciFi Chapman Stick Oberheim Matrix 1000 Vox Continental
Korg Polysix Alesis Nanobass Linn 9000 Crumar Multiman